Research on AVP

Here is a list of research documents that have to do with The AVP:

- Article from The Mail and Guardian, from May 2006

0605 M&G Article (1)

- Evaluation of an Inmate-Run Alternative to Violence Project, The Impact of Inmate-to-Inmate Intervention, Christine Walrath, Johns Hopkins University

Anger_Management.Walrath (1)

- Narrative Conflict and Evaluation,

Ivar Halfman & Tijl Couzij,


University of Amsterdam, ISHSS, Conflict Resolution & Governance, 08-31-2008

Halfman_&_Couzij_thesis_2008 (1)

        ... with an Additional Evaluation Report, MSc. T.J.P. Couzij & MSc. I. Halfman, August 2009  

Halfman_&_Couzij_Collaboratively_interpreting_text (1)

- The Alternatives to Violence Project in Delaware: A Three-Year Cumulative Recidivism Study, Marsha L. Miller, Ph.D. John A. Shuford, M.B.A., Ed.S, FACHCA, September 2005

recidivismreport (1)

- Imagining an era without violence:  Researching the role of adult education in conflict resolution. Andersen, I. 2010

 Imagining an era without violence-Researching the role of adult education in conflict resolution

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