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HIPP Overview

The Help Increase the Peace Project (HIPP) was founded in 1990 as part of the American Friends Service Committee’s Youth Empowerment Project – seeking to change patterns of behaviour that keep young people in conflict. Its approach is to train all school stakeholders in conflict resolution skills and, through this experience, to knit the school into a caring community.

The goals of HIPP include creating a positive climate for learning in schools by helping learners, teachers, staff, and parents to change their behaviour to support a “norm” of co-operation and non-violence based on the understanding that conflict resolution goals are congruent with educational goals.

It aims to find win/win solutions to the conflicts that are a normal part of all our relationships and life situations – a completely different attitude from the competitive win/lose way which leaves feelings of anger, resentment, and low self-esteem in the loser.

HIPP believes that young people need opportunities to be part of a caring community in which they can develop a positive sense of self, develop leadership and communication skills, and learn to work together to resolve their own conflicts, and deal with their own issues. In so doing they are soon able to re-define themselves in terms of who they are, rather than by what they may or may not own.

HIPP was born out of the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) – a Grassroots, International, Volunteer Movement committed to reducing interpersonal difficulties in society. The core values of AVP recognise the worth of every individual and affirm the power of each person to use reason and co-operative skills in responding creatively in their interpersonal relationships. AVP, which started in 1975 in New York, works toward its goals by presenting experiential workshops in business, government, prisons, schools, communities and other organisations.

HIPP achieves its objectives by including all stakeholders in the whole school – including the governing body, staff and learners - in its programme. It creates its miracles through the platform of non-violence training workshops - with participants for each workshop drawn from as broad a range of stakeholders as possible.

It is important that members of the governing body of the school participate because the workshops provide an opportunity for parents to get to know the teaching staff and learners in a safe environment. The workshops encourage exploration of the challenges facing the school and provide background for governing body decisions.

Members of staff participate in the workshops in order to spend time with both learners and members of the governing body in an environment that encourages authentic communication and problem solving.

Learners to spend time in the workshops learning life-transforming skills whilst having a great deal of fun.

HIPP transfers its skills into each school in a way that ensures that the programme becomes self-sustaining in the long-term. Once school stakeholders are trained as HIPP facilitators, they join the AVP/HIPP Leadership Team structure to support their ongoing training.

phaphama initiatives board of directors: reg no: 94/001528/08 npo: 006-836 NPO

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  • Colin Glen
  • Gill Mkhasibe
  • Jabulani Mashinini
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  • Tebogo Moteane
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