Learn with Echo educational newspaper supplement

 Learn with Echo 10 May 2012

Adult education centres in the
Pietermaritzburg area 2014

Selected series from
Learn with Echo

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An 'Mkhize' story: MaMsomi bakes

Lifeskills series

The immune system (in isiZulu)


Financial Literacy (in isiZulu)


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Learn with Echo

From September 1990 to February 2014, CAE supported non-formal education for adults in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands by producing the Learn with Echo newspaper supplement. This was made possible through a partnership with The Witness newspaper, which carried the costs of printing and paper, publishing the material weekly in the Echo community newspaper. Recent research by postgraduate students revealed that for many teachers and learners in ABET classes, Learn with Echo was a lifeline because there is little or no other affordable and accessible material available.

Publication of Learn with Echo ceased recently when owners Media24 became unwilling to carry the burden of these costs. 

Having survived for almost 24 years, Learn with Echo outlived several other similar publications aimed at adult new readers. Back copies are still available, and we have plans to publish the best of our past material online. Watch this space! 

Learn with Echo was:

  • four pages of educational material for adults in English and isiZulu, available free of charge 
  • published on Thursdays in the Echo, a community newspaper originally published by The Witness, Pietermaritzburg's local daily newspaper
  • read by an estimated 250 000 people each week! 
  • designed for low-literate adults with incomplete primary education 
  • content: current affairs, health, environment, financial literacy, human rights and democracy, culture, and entertainment 
  • used by individuals, families, adult literacy centres, and schools 
  • focused on supporting family literacy practices 
  • available by subscription to rural areas and other provinces
  • home to the famous Mkhize – the main character in a bilingual, humorous picture story 


Find other educational materials on this website, such as the Asifunde isiZulu mother-tongue literacy course for adult beginner readers. 


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